The new church building was completed and opened in June 2014. At that time it was only the building which had been completed and all the external areas had still to be developed.  We are pleased to say that it is now conpleted and it seems such a long time since we took possession of our new building, then the surrounding areas, but in actual fat it is only 'yesterday'.  This probable shows how well we have settled into our new surroundings.

So as well as the building, we have the children's play area, labyrinth, memorial garden, quiet garden with "Well" feature and a car park!

We formally closed our former ccurch buildings in July 2013 and in the intervening 12 months we were worshipping weekly at St Thomas Church Hall, and with them in church once a month. It goes without saying how grateful we were for the help, support and encouragement we received from our Anglican friends and we continue our working together for Christ and the community.

It is worth thinking back as to where we have come from to be where we are today. 

The two Methodist societies at Greetland and Lindwell came together at Whitsuntide 2002 at a service which was led by Rev Peter Whitaker, the then Chair of the West Yorkshire District.  The two buildings were retained and separate services were held in the two buildings.  There was however one Church Council.

From 2007, there was only one service each Sunday, being on an approximate alternate basis between the two church buildings.

It was a slow progression to full amalgamation in that also in 2007 it was resolved by the church that “It is the intention of the Church Council of Greetland & Lindwell Methodist Church to close the church buildings at Greetland and Lindwell and to establish a new church building on the site at Cross Hills, Greetland”.

It was a slow but God led process.  Leading us to where we are today.

Below are some of the photos relating to the construction of the new building.

Early days with the view still

Just checking!

Outside on the weekend the new building was opened.

The floor beams going in.

Getting there. Windows from Poland on the final leg of their journey.

We Got There

One of our fine days.

Near completion, perched up