JC’s is aimed at 5 to 12’s, (children of Primary School age and into Year 7). It takes place downstairs between 6.00pm and 7.30pm on a Friday evening. Youthie, for the 12's and over starts at 6pm upstairs and continues until 8.00pm.

We try to engage the CHYPS (children & young people’s) in various ways, and regularly meet together as a ‘staff team’ (CAYT - children and youth team) to review what we do, to pray, plan and organise, to iron out any problems and to try to draw together the children and youth work. We are developing a curriculum so that the ABC worship is a continuation of the themes in JC's.

At the moment the structure of our evening can be:

  • Gather with a game
  • Have a Whoosh! Bible story together
  • Youthie go upstairs for their discussion time
  • JC’s stay downstairs to engage in the story through discussion, song, dance, games (very lively and noisy ones usually!) drama, craft and a snack time.
  • Finish by coming together to share news and prayers and the grace, and usually a sweetie to go home with!

Our curriculum also includes things like

  • Preparing dramatic presentations for ABC Sundays
  • Getting together with the rest of the church for special occasions
  • Talent Show
  • Bradley Wood night out
  • Bright and Light Party or Halloween alternatives
  • “Bring a friend” nights
  • Trip out – bowling etc
  • Remembering special seasons like Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Valentines 14th Feb (Friday 15th)
  • Lent 6th April (Pancakes Friday 8th?)
  • Pantos and SonRise

We are a community who get on well together (most of the time) and look after each other. We share problems and issues, deal with arguments and fall outs, share our joys and laugh a lot, are often very noisy and generally have a good time.