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Welcome to the website of Cross Hills Methodist Church. Thanks for visiting us. Here you will find information about how we express our faith, through worship, through discipleship and through the many activities which take place.

Please have a browse around the site and if there is something you wish to know, or tell us please email!

You can also visit our page on the Calderdale Methodist Circuit Website and find a full preaching plan. (click here)

To see our pattern of church at this time........ go to "About Us".

If you're looking for somewhere to go, please check out the quick links below.

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Our Worship

Worship takes place at Cross Hills on more than one day a week, as we believe that worship should be a part of all we do.  

On Sundays we have regular worship on 50 sundays in the year.  (The other two are when we join our Anglican friends at St Thomas's for one of our regular joint services).  On the third Sunday in the month we have ABC which is family based and starts with breakfast at 9.15am. 

Other Sundays we will have worship on Sunday evenings which can be varied and different from our morning services.  In this we seek to utilise the skills and christian witness of those within the church.

We see JC's and Youthie on Fridays as being worship in having all the elements of worship, but different.  The Lunch Fellowship on Tuesdays also includes an act of worship led by different people who bring their message.


Upcoming Events

We have many events which take place within the church community.  Some are within the Church building, others use outside facilities.  To all of them there is a general invitation to join us, and be a part of our church. Click on the picture to find out more.

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Here's a selection of our upcoming events:


Church Council Meeting

Church Council Meeting

Start: 19:15 PM
Cross Hills


Some facts about the Church which may help you understand who we are and what we do.



Amount raised from within the Church towards the construction of our new Church building.


Church Members at the end of 2017


Annual footfall in the building

Around £25,000

Annual income to fulfill our christian commitments and charitable giving.

Check These Out

Have a look at these quick links below and see if any of this interests you.


Walking Group

A walk takes place on the first Monday of every month. It is a perfect opportunity to walk with friends, and make new friends whilst admiring the amazing areas we live in.

Walking Group

Lunch Fellowship

** Returns 20th July ** Our Lunch Fellowship takes place on a Tuesday over lunchtime. Take a look at more details of our Lunch Fellowship by following the link below.

Lunch Fellowship

Baby & Toddlers

Fancy an afternoon with other parents and let your toddler make friends. Why not pop along. Visit the Baby & Toddler page for more information.

Baby & Toddlers


Our Friday Kids club is called JC's take a look at the JC's page for further information.



Take a look at when our Services are held.

Our Services

Community Use

At Cross Hills Methodist Church we feel being part of the community is a big thing to us. We have a number of local groups that use our facilities and some of them are shown below. Why not take a look at there pages and see what they do. If your interested in using our facilities then please do get in touch.



The rooms at Cross Hills have been developed for multi-use and are available for hire. 

To date there have been Birthday Parties, Public Meetings, and MP's Surgeries, as well as the regular users shown under Community Use.

Our bookings co-ordinator is Margaret Findlater and she can be contacted on 01422 379754 or email bookings@cross-hills.org.uk

We believe that our facilities are there for community use and competitive rates are charged.  However, any use must not compromise the building being used primarily for religious purposes.

Church Officers


The Officers of the Church, who should be contacted in the event of any query, are shown below.  These are members of the Church Leadership Team who co-ordinate the life of the Church on a day-to-day basis.

They are also members of the Church Council.

We have three Teams: Property & Finance, Prayer & Pastoral, Worship, who meet at regular intervals, here the various issues within the remit of the Team are discussed in detail.

To get in touch visit our Contact Us page