Pantomimes were previously held on an annual basis at Lindwell.  The cast and helpers are from our church community and it is a tremendous effort which has helped us to bring all our F’s into play - Fun, Friendship, Fellowship, Faith, and Family; and any more we can think of.  The chorus’s are made up of members of JC’s and Youthie, while the parts are taken by members of Youthie and those who may be a bit older!

It is always a great event for all who take part, and the last performance is always sad because of all the fun that we have had in rehearsals and the actual performances.  It is not known when the pantomime tradition started at Lindwell but it is certainly well before the Second World War. There was a brief gap in the sixties but they restarted again in 1972, our presentation in March 2012 was the 40th of our current run.