SonRise is a group of Christians who present Christian musicals to churches within the local area and further afield. The core group is from Cross Hills Methodist Church but also has members from other churches and denominations.

The musicals have been written and composed by Janet Revill, who is a member of the Church while also being church organist, choir mistress, worship leader and youth leader.

SonRise has been presenting Janet’s musicals for over 25 years.

We started with Stormy Weather which is based on the Easter story and shows through music and drama Jesus journey to the cross and his resurrection.

This was followed by Blinded by the Light which was based on the life of Saul, who saw the light and became Paul.

Then we presented Out of the Darkness which is based on the life of John the Baptist, but as you might guess Jesus plays an important part in the story.

Due to various pressures, including the construction of a new church building, we have not been active since pesenting Stormy Weather several times in 2014.  Over the years however, as well as going local we have been to Blackheath, Sutton Coldfield Bamber Bridge and Whitby.  Every time we have presented Janets works they have been well received and we have always considered it to be worship - but with a difference.  As has been the case ever since we presented Stormy Weather for the first time at Lindwell the audience/congregation has been very much a part of the presentation and it is difficult to remember anyone remaining seated for the 'audience participation which is part of the worship.

As advised above, SonRise is currently 'resting' however all SonRisers are looking forward to our next production. Will it be a new production? Only God and Janet know that.

Until next time – Amen